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Combining humor, pathos, and introspection, Nancy Quinn shares her stories of how choices and fate changed her initial career path of protecting wildlife as a conservation duty officer to a more creative one of portraying them on canvas as a professional wildlife artist. Surprisingly, the risks proved greater, but so were the rewards.
"When the human spirit connects with the animal's heart, captivating art is made possible." - Nancy Quinn
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"I am a big Nancy Quinn fan.  Nancy has never met an animal that she didn't want to help. Creating beautiful art and giving comfort to animals and birds, domestic and wild...that's her mission in life. This book is about that art/animal mission.  Go ahead and buy this book and her other books. You'll be glad you did." - Mike P
Nancy Quinn is a award winning winning author, artist, and baker who has combined her talents in this heartfelt descriptive tale of her many jobs lending her aid and knowledge to the wild animals of the State of Florida. This book is sure to keep the reader is suspense and is well worth the purchase~ Enjoy!! - Chris M.